Police / Fire / EMS / Military / Dispatcher / Medical

Thin Line Counseling and Consulting, LLC. specializes in working with those that stand the thin line between order and chaos.  Only those that have proudly stood on that line can understand the feelings and visuals that come with it.  Psychotherapist Trevor Wilkins served 15 years in uniformed law enforcement with both the Kentucky State Police and Lexington Police Departments, and the three years prior as an emergency medical technician and fireman.  Trevor is keenly aware of the effects that these high-stress jobs have on first responders and their family members. Seeking help is not for the weak, it is for those that realize that they can no longer stand alone.  Seeking help is for those that no longer want their career choice to affect their family and their own mental health.  Call anytime to schedule an appointment.  Phones are answered by the scheduling staff 24/7.  800-464-1958.