Private Pay Information

Private Pay:

If you choose to avoid use of your health insurance, then payment by debit card, credit card, of health savings account card is required at the time of service.  Please consider the below hourly rates when making your decision.  Psychotherapy is an evidenced-based mental health treatment provided by professionally educated and experienced clinicians, and the rate for services reflects that professionalism.  The rates for private pay are a discounted rate from the actual rate that health insurance companies would reimburse the agency.  The discounted rate provides for longer sessions than the pre-approved 40 minutes of health insurance companies, and is discounted to allow individuals to still afford professional mental health services.  The majority of rates common to the Lexington, KY area are between $40 and $90 higher for most services. As Thin Line Counseling and Consulting, LLC. specializes in those they are effected by trauma, the fees are lowered to help those that are hurting to find relief.