EMS Week

Today, 05/21/17, begins National Emergency Medical Services Week.  As I reflect over my 18 years of law enforcement and fire/EMS services, I think highly of the men and women that provide medical first responder services to those in need.  While many people can imagine that the brave heroes of emergency medical services deal with traumatic scenes, it is not the most often stress they face.  Abuse of 911 services, routine calls to non-emergency situations, trying to get a large emergency vehicle through traffic, and a disproportionate amount of overdose calls can tax the medics as much as the difficult scenes.  Most medics are fine dealing with trauma, as they signed up to help others in a time of need, but had no idea the non-emergency stress that dealing with the general public would cause.  While difficulties in processing the death of a child, or a horrible burn victim, or a family member taken far too early in an accident can be tough, it is the chronic stress that typically adds up to sleepless nights and difficulties in relationships.  As I reflect on National EMS Week, I truly believe that the Thin Red and Thin White Lines that are manned by heroes.  I cannot imagine the trauma world without them.

If you are an EMS professional that is having trouble dealing with trauma and stress, or your personal life has become negatively affected by your chosen career, get help from someone that understands your profession.  Call anytime to schedule with Thin Line Counseling and Consulting, LLC at 800-464-1958.

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