PTSD Awareness Day

June 27th, 2017 is National PTSD Awareness Day.  As the term PTSD becomes regular in our society, I find that the actual symptoms of the particular mental health difficulty are unknown.  While the technical aspects of the diagnosis are needed as a mental health disorder, I find it more important to provide others with the observations that I actually see in my office when someone has PTSD.  Never in my psychotherapy career have I had someone introduce themselves by stating that they have “witnessed a traumatic event that is connected to their dissociative reactions and persistent effortful avoidance of trauma-related stimuli and a negative alteration of cognition and arousal of activity causing functional impairment.”

What I do find in those seeking help from a therapist is that the difficulties can be directly related to the changes that happen in their lives because of trauma or PTSD.  While an more technical sounding diagnoses may be applied, the real life problems that clients seek help with are:


-Troubled Marriage



-Long-lasting Grief

-Substance Abuse


-Suicidal Thoughts

-An inability to keep a stressful job out of the home.

If any of these listed difficulties are growing and impacting your life, then seek help from someone that specializes in dealing with those that have been victim of, or witness too, traumatic events.  Call Thin Line Counseling and Consulting LLC now at 800-464-1958 and schedule an appointment for experienced psychotherapy.  Do not fight alone!!!

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