Depression Does Not Have a Type

This week’s recent news of yet another celebrity suicide proves that depression does not have a type.  The member of a band from my high school years, Chester Bennington, had a net worth of $30-35 million depending on the source.  Chester killed himself in lieu of having a lot of things that many people feel would make their life better.  Specifically, he had money and attention from other people.  Why we may never know what was truly going in Chester’s mind, much like the dearly departed Robin Williams, what we do know is that depression and suicide do not always fit the mold that society would like you to believe.  You can have all that you think you need, and still be depressed.  You can have enough money to never have to work again, and still be depressed.  You can be surrounded by family, like Chester was with his six children, and still be depressed.  Depressive disorders are not something you “snap yourself out of,” contrary to the beliefs of some people.  If you, or someone you know, is dealing with depression, do not wait to get help from a professional.  Do not wait to call and make yourself an appointment with a therapist that can help with the thoughts you are having, and do not wait to call that friend for family member that has shown symptoms of struggling with depression. Do not wait to ask someone if they are okay, even if they do not fit societies “type” of a depressive person.  Depression does not have a type!

Call for help in the Lexington, KY area!  800-464-1958

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